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exploded.gif (47622 bytes) Abrasive Materials
Slurries, bulk powders, granules, lumps or dust-laden gases cause seat erosion and ineffective closure. The inflatable seal provides continuous wear compensation.

Pressure Differential
Pressure differential also causes accelerated seat wear in conventional hard seat valves. The inflatable seal provides continuous wear compensation.

High Temperature
Thermal expansion prevents consistent valve seat action. The inflatable seal provides compensation throughout the temperature range 0º to 660ºF (350ºC). Temperatures above this range may be tolerated using special valve configurations.

Close and Seal
The displacement action of the rotating dome within the valve housing allows rotation of a solid column of material so that a choke filled Dome Valve®  will close and seal through packed material.

Conventional hard seat valves cannot achieve operating reliability with any combination of the severe application conditions listed, but the Inflatek Valve does. It has achieved successful performance in more than 10,000 installations in a diverse array of application.

A heavy-duty valve designed to perform where other valves cannot. Rated for 1 million cycles between inspections in approved applications.



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