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Mactenn Systems, Ltd.
One Bull Lane, Acton,
Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 OBD
Ph: 44 (1787) 882 422, Fax 44(1787) 882 433

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Mactenn Systems Ltd. UK is a technology company possessing its own engineering and manufacturing facilities. The specializations of the company are divided into five main groups, which are:

  • Low-Velocity Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying
  • Flow Rate Controlled Material Injection Systems
  • Ingredient Management and Recipe Control
  • Mixing Systems for Bulk Materials
  • Inflatable Seat Valves

The Inflatek Inflatable seat valve was developed by the company in the early 1970’s to satisfy a demand for operating reliability with abrasive bulk materials and high pressure differentials required for modern low-velocity Dense-Phase pneumatic conveying systems.

The Inflatek Valve has consequently developed its own market for similar applications where conventional hard or fixed elastomer seat valves have failed to achieve operating reliability. The Inflatek Valve has received continuous development over the years to satisfy increasingly demanding applications. Recent patents have been granted for innovations as the company continues to develop the product for wider application.

Since 1977 the company has provided a wide range of material handling and processing systems centered on the main technology groups for customers throughout the world.

The corporate facility is located in parkland adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee where primary manufacturing and central engineering is located. In addition, the group has manufacturing and support facilities in Europe, India and China.

The corporate mission is to provide the best available technology with the highest product quality and operating reliability with an emphasis on product life cycle cost rather than lowest equipment purchase price. The policy drives our design team to provide and ensure equipment operating efficiency, reliability and long life.


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